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Because each of my interviews with future clients is essentially a teachable moment, keeping a diary allows my clients and others a unique perspective into the constantly evolving world of dating and relationships. By reading about what others set as their expectations and desires for their future relationships each of us is afforded the opportunity to personally reflect on what it is we want for ourselves. Enjoy!

December 28, 2015

When my clients meet someone on their own I encourage them to have that person go to my website and take the Profile test so we can see how their scores compare. Most of my clients take advantage of my offer and ask the person they are dating to take the test.

I just finished a conversation with a lady who is dating one of my clients and took the test. She was very surprised by how much I knew about her based on 46 questions and she was intrigued by how compatible her scores are with his. The one difference is their conformity score. She is a 6.5 in conformity and he is a 4, which means she is a little more traditional than he is and he is more open- minded and spontaneous than her.
She said “That is definitely true.”
We went over the other five scores and she also identified with the small differences between them..
She said “This is a great test and I wish I had this information when I was in other relationships.”

In a nutshell, this is what I knew about her from her scores:

She is an 8 in temperament which means she is very easy going and takes things in stride. She is very sensitive, very sensitive to other people as well, and as a result she has people who come to her to confide and talk to her all the time, kind of like a Dear Abby. She very seldom, if ever, blows up and if she does, she is in control then as she is at all times. She does not like to be too critical of others. She always tries to be very tactful and diplomatic.
She said “That all sounds true. Is there a downside to being so easy going?”
I said “There can be a tendency for you to let things build up and to procrastinate and put things off. You will put other people’s feelings before your own, even people who don’t deserve it, and that’s when you can get hurt and taken advantage of. You also probably stay in relationships twice as long as you should because you will give someone the benefit of the doubt until there is no more doubt.”
She said “OMG that is so true!”

Her sociability score is a 6 which means she is out going to some extent but she also has some walls built up around her until she gets to know someone. She is the type of person who would mingle at a party but she wouldn’t show her true colors until she gets to know someone. She is selective of the people she spends her time with and she prefers to socialize with people she knows well.

She is a 6.5 in conformity which means she is a bit traditional. She has morals and values and standards and she would like to settle down a man who appreciates and respects her morals and values and standards.

She is a 6 in affection which means she is affectionate and romantic for sure but she is also independent and she does need her space, even in a relationship and she would not be compatible with a man who tries to smother her.
She said “That is definitely true!”

She is a 5.5 in religion which means she probably had a religious upbringing. She definitely believes in God and she goes to church occasionally.

She is a 5.5 in finance which means she is budget minded, she lives within her means. Every once in awhile she will splurge on something but for the most part she is budget minded.
She said “He has been bugging me to take this test for the last few weeks and now I know why. This is great information and I appreciate your time sharing all this with me.”

The good news is their scores are a good match. Sometimes I test people for my clients and their scores are so different it would be difficult to maintain a successful, compatible relationship. It was really fun to call my client and let him know I would make this match in a heartbeat based on the scores.

I love these scores. They are my tool as a Matchmaker and I believe in them. It cannot be a coincidence that the couples who continue to work out are the ones who have the most compatible scores.

If you are single, emotionally available, interested in meeting someone special and curious about your scores please take my free Profile test on the homepage of my website, and I will call you with your scores. Once I have your scores and talk to you and see you, I know how many matches I have for you.

Call 719-260-1000 for your no obligation interview and start the New Year by making your personal life a priority.
It only takes ONE right one.

Happy New Year!

December 22, 2015

Dear Clients and Friends,

The holidays evoke many emotions; good, bad, happy, sad, love, hate, laughter, sadness, loneliness, anticipation, fear, sympathy, regret, forgiveness, and the list goes on. Of course all my clients are single and that gives me a unique perspective on what single people experience during the holidays, which is all of the above but they are experiencing it without a partner. There is not much that substitutes for having someone special to share your life and that seems especially true during the holidays.

I like the holidays but I think they last too long. Thanksgiving and Christmas used to be one week a year, now they are one month a year and it is too much emotion, stress and distraction for too long.

2016 begins in 10 days and we will be focused on new beginnings, fresh starts, positives changes and new hope for the new year.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of this holiday season and you will be sharing it with family and friends.

I wish you joy, love and peace in the new year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,


December 21, 2015

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December 8, 2015

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December 7, 2015

One of the nice things about being in business for 25 years is having the opportunity to work with people more than one time. In the last week two people I worked with years ago reconnected with me and they are once again clients.

One of them is a man who met and married his wife through Perfectly Matched twenty years ago. He had been married once for a few years when I worked with him in 1995. This marriage lasted 17 years and, according to him, it was a great marriage for both of them. Unfortunately, she died unexpectedly a couple of years ago.

He said “I started feeling like I was ready to date a few months ago and I have been doing the online services. They take too much time and I did not meet anyone I was interested in or attracted to. I decided to call you because it worked for me the first time and I like that you do all the screening and filtering.”

I matched him that day and they met the next day. He is very impressed with her and thinks she is an “elegant, attractive lady”. She is also interested in getting to know him better.

The other client is a lady who also met and married the man I matched her with twenty years ago. At that time she was divorced with three young children and he had no children. Their marriage lasted 18 years and they divorced a year and a half ago.

She said “I have no regrets. It was a good marriage for most of the time but we grew apart.”
She has also been trying the online services and was not meeting quality men.
She said “Most of the men lied about their height and none of them looked like their pictures.’

She was at a non-profit event where I offered a 5 match program for an auction item and she won the bid.
She said “I took your profile test on your website this summer and called you but I did not follow through and set an appointment to meet with you. When I saw your auction item I thought it was a sign that I should work with you again.”

I received my first Christmas card again this year from another client who met her husband through Perfectly Matched. Every year Nancy’s Christmas card is the first one I receive and I appreciate that she always remembers me and gives me an update. This year her card says “Hi Donna, I hope all is well with you! Here we are married 19 years on October 18th and 10 grandchildren later. Have a merry and wonderful Christmas! Keith and Nancy.”

Christmas is less than three weeks away and many people I interview this time of year will tell me they are going to wait until after the first of the year. However, I have clients who are available and interested in meeting someone new now.
That is why I am offering 50% off my programs until December 19th. New Year’s resolutions make January my busiest month in business. If checking out Perfectly Matched is something you are thinking about doing after the first of the year you might want to consider it now and take advantage of the Christmas Special. You can start by taking the Profile test on my website at and I will call you with your “scores”, or you can call me at 719-260-1000.

Happy Holidays!

November 23, 2015

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November 21, 2015

Here are some profiles on new clients at Perfectly Matched:

A lady, mid 30’s, ABS (always been single), a master’s degree, a teacher and her long term goal is marriage and children.

I said “My largest group of professional women is teachers and principals.”
She said “That does not surprise me because there are not many men in our work environment and most of them are married.”

Her scores reflect that she is easy going, a little shy, traditional, affectionate, a strong believer and very budget minded. She goes to church on a weekly basis and would prefer a man who is also a strong believer and would go to church at least occasionally.

She enjoys hiking with her dog, camping, swimming, boating, dining out, baking, crafts, reading, movies, concerts and traveling. She has been to Europe, North Carolina, California Hawaii and Mexico. She likes warm weather places and beaches.

She said “I love kids and being a teacher. It is so rewarding to watch them grow and learn throughout the year. I have a wonderful family and I would love to share them with a special person.”

A man, mid 40’s, divorced, and his long term goal is marriage.

He said “I married my high school sweetheart and we have two great kids and what I thought was a wonderful marriage. It was not my choice to end it but I have accepted it and I want to be happily married again.

His scores reflect he is direct and straight forward, somewhat out going, nonconforming, very affectionate, spiritual and enjoys the good things in life.

He is an avid jet skier, enjoys working out, eating healthy, motorcycling, music, live bands, reading, beaches and all inclusive vacations.

He said “I am a passionate person. I love holding hands and being close when I am with someone special. I am driven and goal oriented and I want to meet a lady who appreciates those qualities in me.”

A lady, mid 50’s, divorced, educated and her long term goal is a serious, committed relationship and she would consider marriage.

Her scores reflect that she is very easy going, somewhat out going, open minded, a romantic, spiritual and budget minded.

She enjoys horseback riding, running, hiking, camping, archery, skiing, hunting, painting, reading, and traveling. She has been to Scotland, Spain, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Germany and Switzerland.

She said “Someone who is fit, active and shares my love of the outdoors and traveling would be great.”

A man, early 60’s, divorced, educated, self employed and his long term goal would be a serious, committed relationship and marriage is definitely a possibility with the right person.

He has enjoyed many travel adventures all over the world and has a passion for fishing. He also enjoys cooking, theater, concerts, hockey and spending time with his family and friends.

His scores reflect that he is somewhat easy going, a little shy, a bit traditional, very affectionate, goes to church occasionally and is very budget minded.

He said “Donna, I would love to meet an attractive, classy lady who is a sharp dresser but can also be comfortable in jeans. I like someone who is fit and can go on some of these adventures with me. I would enjoy someone who has the interest and time to travel and is not afraid to take some risk. If she has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh that would be wonderful!”

Thanksgiving is next Thursday and the holidays are definitely in full bloom. At this point many people I interview are saying they will wait until after the first of the year to get involved, which is why January is always my busiest month in business. Of course everyone I work with is single and available to meet someone now. Therefore, until December 19th I am offering 50% off all my regular programs.

You can start by taking my Profile test at and I will call you with YOUR scores. It could change your holiday season and maybe your life. You can also call me at 719-260-1000.

Happy holidays and I hope you will be enjoying and sharing them with all your family and friends!

November 9, 2015

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November 4, 2015

Here are some brief profiles on new clients at Perfectly Matched:

A man, early 30’s, ABS (always been single), educated and his long term goal is marriage. He can go either way as far as having kids. He is in the Air Force and will be in Colorado Springs for at least the next three years.
He said “I have only been here for a few weeks but I already love it and could definitely see myself living here when I retire from the Air Force.”

He enjoys hiking, biking, movies, traveling and he is looking forward to exploring more of Colorado.

He has been stationed all over the world with his military career and is looking forward to staying in one place for the next three years.
He said “It is hard to have a relationship when you move every year or two and I have never really had a serious relationship because I got into the military right out of high school. I have been telling myself when I move to Colorado I am going to fall in love with a wonderful girl.”

I look forward to helping him find her.

A lady, mid 30’s, divorced, a doctor, and her long term goal is marriage and children.
She said “I have a wonderful child and I know I want to have more kids. I have a good relationship with my ex-husband and he is a great dad but I want the forever after marriage where we stay together and raise our kids together.”

She is very physically active and enjoys hiking, working out, marathons, horseback riding, hunting, camping, concerts, traveling and sporting events. Born and raised in Colorado, she is a huge Bronco fan.

Her age preference for a man is 28 to 42. Her height preference is 5’10 or taller and she is open to all races.

I met her when she was 19 years old and her dad was a friend of mine. He is the one who encouraged her to give me a call.
She is a beautiful, smart, successful, young lady and I will look for a man who has as much to offer her and she has to offer in return.

A lady, early 40’s, ABS, highly educated and her long term goal is marriage. She is open to having a child.

She said “I am a perfectionist when it comes to getting my work done and I am in a good place with my career. I want to make my personal life a priority for the first time. I am ready for the right man to come into my life.”

She loves skiing and cold weather activities more than the beach. She also loves cooking, baking, theaters, concerts, lots of movies and she is a Green Bay Packer fan.

Her age preference is 35 to 45 and she is open to all races. She is tall and prefers a man who is 5’11 or taller.
She said “I want a man who can carry me out of a burning building if necessary.”

A lady, early 50’s, divorced and her long term goal is a serious, committed relationship and possibly marriage.

She said “I am a Christian woman and a man who is compatible with me would be a strong believer but I am not sure about marriage. I would consider living with someone when my children are out of the home.”
She has great kids who are college bound and she will be an empty nester in a couple of years.

She enjoys hiking, weight training, cross fit, sporting events, concerts, theater and she travels a lot with her friends.
Her idea of a good date is doing the Incline.

A man, mid 50’s, divorced, educated and his long term goal is marriage.

He said “I loved being married. The first 15 years were great and I want to experience that again.”
I said “It does not surprise me anymore when someone who is divorced says they loved being married. I hear it all the time and I think that’s great. Once you know what a good marriage feels like, you won’t settle for less when you move on.”

He has been trying the online dating sites and his experience is typical of what I hear over and over about online dating…time consuming, ineffective, people are not honest, they don’t look like their pictures and they don’t live near here.
He said “I am tired of wasting my time and I am not meeting quality ladies.”

He enjoys skiing, hiking, golf, biking, spending time with his family and friends, sporting events and he wants to do more traveling.
He is a very involved father and has two wonderful kids.

I had a conversation with a client today who has been dating a man she met on her own.
She said “He is a great guy and I like so many things about him but I don’t see him as much as I would like to.”
I said “How often do you see him?”
She said “I have seen him four times in six weeks. He says he wants to spend more time with me but his job and his kids take up a lot of his time.”
I said “Most people see each other two or three times a week when they are in a relationship. It’s never a matter of time, it’s a matter of priorities. I work with clients who have kids, two jobs, go to school and still find time for a relationship.”
She asked me if I thought she should keep her options open and meet other men.
I said “Yes, and I think that’s why you called me.”
The bottom line is they are probably not on the same page.

It looks like we are finally going to get some snow in the next couple of days and it’s about time! 38 years in Colorado Springs and I can never remember a year where we have gone this long without some snow. I don’t even like it and I am ready for it to snow! Think holidays, think cuddling up with someone, think how nice it would be to have someone special in your life then think about calling 260-1000 and let’s see how many matches I have for you.
It only takes ONE right one.

October 26, 2015

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